Express - Kaunas airport


1.1. Upon booking and purchasing transport services for passengers (hereinafter referred to as the Transport Ticket), the Client (hereinafter referred to as the Passenger) enters into an agreement for transport services (hereinafter referred to as the Trip) with the provider of the transport services UAB "Olego transportas" (OLLEX) (hereinafter referred to as the Carrier).

2.1. Transport Ticket constitutes an agreement of the Passenger and the Carrier, giving the Passenger a right to use a means of transport and accompanying services only during a journey identified on the Transport Ticket and according to previously agreed terms and conditions.
2.2. A Transport Ticket bears the name of the Passenger.
2.3. By paying for the Transport Ticket, the Passenger confirms that he or she is familiar with and accepts the conditions of sale and transport regulations of the Carrier.

3.1. Transport Tickets are available for purchase over the Internet at (lt, .ru, .en,), through authorised distributors (the Agents), where service fees may be added to the price of the Transport Ticket by the Agents.
3.2. Upon receipt of the Transport Ticket, the Passenger should immediately verify the correctness of data indicated on the Transport Ticket as well as the compliance of the price of the Transport Ticket with the paid amount, as later complaints will not be satisfied.
3.3. Upon purchasing the Transport Ticket over the Internet, full payment for the total cost of the Transport Ticket is required.
3.4. Upon purchase of a Transport Ticket, the Passenger must provide the Carrier with at least the following information: Last name and contact telephone of the Passenger as well as the desired date and time of the journey.
3.5. Upon existence of free places, the Transport Ticket can be bought also from the bus driver.
3.6. The Carrier may, as it sees fit, establish additional price preferences to Passengers complying with certain conditions (e.g., young persons, children, elderly).
3.7. The Carrier may implement different price preference categories and discount levels for different lines or departures.

4.1. Upon cancellation of the journey by the initiative of the Passenger, tickets are not refunded.
4.2. Ollex does not compensate for the Transport Ticket to the Passenger in case the journey is cancelled due to lack of documents of the Passenger.
4.3. In cases of compensation claims arising from fault of the Carrier, as detailed in 8.6-8.7, all applications need to be submitted in writing or e-mail within 14 days.

5.1. By means of e-mail to the Carrier, the Passenger is entitled to change the date and time on Transport Ticket.
5.2. For any other changes of Transport Tickets applied for by the Passenger, a new Transport Ticket should be purchased.

6.1. The Passenger is allowed to bring one item of hand baggage with the maximum weight of 5 kg and the maximum dimensions of 45 × 35 × 20 cm (length - width - height) to the passenger compartment.
6.2. The Passenger is responsible for the hand baggage in the passenger compartment. The Carrier does not guarantee the preservation of or is responsible for any items or baggage left to the bus. If possible, found items are forwarded to the local representation office of Ollex.
6.3. In addition to hand baggage, the Passenger is allowed to bring along one item of baggage free of charge (e.g., a handbag or a suitcase) with the maximum weight of 30 kg and the maximum dimensions of 70 × 30 × 55 cm (length - width - height), which is placed into the baggage compartment. Allocation of baggage into the baggage compartment and its retrieval therefrom to the Passenger at a later time is carried out by bus drivers only.
6.3.1. Upon the availability of free space in the baggage comportment of a bus and upon consent of the bus crew, the Passenger is allowed to bring along more baggage than mentioned above (e.g., a handbag or suitcase).
6.4. It is prohibited to transport such baggage in the baggage compartment of a bus that does not belong to the Passengers.
6.5. It is not allowed to carry in the passenger compartment or the baggage compartment of a bus of Ollex any forbidden baggage or hand baggage which contains substances and things entered into the list of forbidden baggage.
Radioactive, explosive, poisonous, corrosive, flammable, unpleasantly smelly and smeary substances, as well as substances and things without a relevant package, or substances or things which may damage the bus are considered forbidden baggage.

7.1. The Passenger has the right:
7.1.1. to receive transport services to the extent paid for;
7.1.3. to carry baggage pursuant to the established procedure;
7.1.4. A visually impaired person has the right to transport a guide dog. The Passenger must ensure the existence of documents necessary for taking a guide dog into or out of the country.
7.2. The Passenger shall:
7.2.1. be in possession of a transport ticket or other document certifying the right to use the transport, and produce such document to the bus driver upon entry to the bus;
7.2.2. upon lack of the Transport Ticket, purchase it from the bus driver;
7.2.3. retain the Transport Ticket until the end of the journey;
7.2.4. show a transport ticket or other document certifying the right to use the transport to an official who has inspection authority at the first request of the official;
7.2.5. ensure that the hand baggage or object which he or she carries does not endanger or disturb other passengers in any other manner.
7.3. The Passenger is prohibited:
7.3.1. to travel in a bus while intoxicated, wearing soiled clothing, to smoke or disturb other passengers;
7.3.2. to open or close windows or hatches without the permission of the bus driver;
7.3.3. to obstruct the opening and closing of doors, restrict the field of vision of the driver of the bus;
7.3.4. to disturb the driver of a bus or hinder the work of a person who has inspection authority;
7.3.5. to damage, pollute or soil a bus or the fittings-out thereof;
7.3.6. to put fellow passengers at danger;
7.3.7. to ignore other requirements established by these rules and regulations.
7.4. If a bus is equipped with seat belts, the Passengers shall wear the seat belts during the journey.

8.1. The Carrier assumes no responsibility for being behind schedule or untimely arrival at a stopping point if such event has occurred as a result of force majeure (including, but not without limitations: weather conditions, road blockages, road construction works, acts of state authorities, queues at borders, customs and passport inspection, etc), or acts of the passengers, affecting the performance of obligations, as well as for other reasons which the Carrier could not have foreseen or avoided regardless of measures taken.
8.2. The Carrier assumes no responsibility for losses or revenue foregone if such is caused or may be caused to the Passenger in conjunction with failure of the bus to arrive at its destination due to reasons indicated in the previous clause.
8.3. The Carrier retains unclaimed baggage as well as items found from the bus (except for highly perishable substances) for a period of 1 month.
8.4. The Passenger who has previously purchased a Transport Ticket for a line of Ollex but has failed to arrive at the departure loses the right to use the same Transport Ticket in any other bus of Ollex. Transport Tickets are not refunded.
8.5. The Carrier is not responsible for the contents or preservation of the baggage stored in the baggage compartment, nor for destruction or loss of valuables (jewels, photo or video equipment, bank notes, bank cheques, securities, items made of fragile materials, etc) contained in the baggage of the Passenger.
8.6. Upon failure of a bus to depart due to the fault of the Carrier or upon discontinuance of the journey due to a technical malfunction of the bus, the Carrier organises substitute transportation upon the first possibility. In addition, the Carrier ensures:
8.6.1. if arrival at the destination was delayed due to reasons indicated in this clause for more than 2 hours, 50% of the cost of the Travel Ticket is compensated to the Passenger based on an application;
8.6.2. if arrival at the destination was delayed due to reasons indicated in this clause for more than 5 hours, 100% of the cost of the Travel Ticket is compensated to the Passenger based on an application;
8.7. Upon failure of a bus to depart due to a fault of the Carrier, full refund of the price of the Transport Ticket is made to the Passenger upon his or her request.
8.8. The Carrier is entitled to refuse to render transport services and refund of ticket fare if the Passenger:
8.8.1. is intoxicated:
8.8.2. endangers or disturbs fellow passengers;
8.8.3. the Passenger lacks the documents necessary for border crossing or if such documents have been inadequately prepared;
8.8.4. the Passenger otherwise disturbs the course and safety of the journey.
8.9. If the Passenger has misunderstandings with state authorities regarding invalid visas, passports, travel insurances, contraband, etc, the bus crew is entitled to leave the Passenger at the border or in the closest populated area, having previously formalised all necessary documents, or to act in accordance with legitimate demands of the authorities. The Transport Ticket fare is not refunded in such an occasion.
8.10. Complaints and reclamations against the company are processed in case they are submitted to the company during a period of 14 days after the journey. Ollex has assumed the obligation to respond complaints pertaining to the buses and bus drivers of Ollex within a period of 30 days.
8.11. The Carrier reserves the right to amend timetables, pricelists and these rules and regulations for passenger transport. In case the Passenger has purchased a Transport Ticket to a trip which is cancelled or the timetable of which is changed, the Carrier repurchases such a Transport Ticket or offers a possibility to replace it with another journey which suits the Passenger.