Airport Express

Express is a passenger transportation by minibus / bus on special routes to / from Vilnius and Kaunas airport. Regular routes  to / from the airport / train station / sea port in Riga. This route is only for airport, station and sea port passengers in Riga. Vilnius airport Express, Kaunas airport Express and Riga Express are available in 34 routes.

What do you need to know about Express?

  • All the routes are going exactly according to the schedules;
  • “Ollex” transportation vehicles arrive at the stops 10 min before the departure;
  • If you book your ticket in advance, we assure you a seat in a minibus / bus;
  • You do not need to buy a ticket for a  4-year-old child if he does not take an additional seat;
  • We do not reserve tickets by phone;
  • You can buy express tickets from the chauffeur on the bus. However, if you buy a ticket on the bus we do not guarantee that there will be a free seat for you.

For further information:
Vilnius / Kaunas airport: +370 (5) 2104304 or;
Riga Express: +370 (5) 2104304 or

Call us Mon - Fri 09.00 -17.00. 

Why you should choose “Ollex”?

  • Quality and safety guaranteed. Our goal is to provide only high-quality Express services. “Ollex” vehicle fleet contains only newest cars that are checked systematically in the authorized service centres. You can travel confidently knowing that “Ollex” transportation vehicles meet the highest safety requirements.
  • Well-known brand and experience. Many years of experience in the field of transportation services and our care for customers are the reasons why customers from Lithuania and other countries greatly appreciate our services. We value our company’s name and seek that all our customers would be satisfied with the services that we provide.
  • Professional team. Our team consists of reliable and competent managers. Therefore, we will always give you recommendations and provide valuable information;
  • Convenient ticket purchase. You can get tickets online (link) or on ticket purchasing site (link) Check out the site (link). For any questions please contact us:
    In Vilnius
    In Klaipėda
  • Convenient payment. Payment possibilities.

Enjoy your way with “Ollex”!