Ollex web site privacy policy

General information

UAB Olego Transportas (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “Data manager”) is a manager of transport service located at Geologų g. 16 in Vilnius. With this privacy policy, we established and explain how your personal data is collected and further processed while you are using the Ollex web site www.ollex.lt. The terms and conditions of this privacy policy apply to you whenever you access the content and/or service we provide, regardless of which device (computer, cell phone, tablet, TV, etc.) you use.

Data controller’s details:
UAB Olego Transportas
Registration number of the legal person: 302296120
Headquarter address: Geologų g. 16, Vilnius.
Tel. +370 5 2104304
E-mail: info@ollex.lt
Data about the data controller is collected and stored at the Vilnius branch of the State Enterprise centre of registers.

We confirm that your data will be collected in accordance with the requirements of the valid legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania and the instructions of the controlling authorities, and all reasonable technical and administrative measures will be applied in order to protect our collected data about website visitors from loss, unauthorized use and/or alterations. Employees of the data controller are committed in writing not to disclose or disseminate information received at the workplace to third parties, including the information about visitors to the site/social network accounts.

Persons under the age of 16 cannot provide any personal data through our site/social networking accounts. If you are a person below the age of 16, you must obtain the consent of your parents or other legal guardians before submitting personal information.

The terms used in the rules are understood as they are defined in Regulation No. 2016/679 (EU) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

It is very important that you carefully read this privacy policy, because each time you visit this site, you agree to the terms described here. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not visit our site, do not use our content and/or services. Click “Learn more” in each section to find out more about the processing of your personal data and the nature of our business.

How do we collect information about you?

Your personal data, i.e., any information about you that allows us to identify you, is obtained in many ways:

  • you can submit the information (personal data) yourself (by filling in the “Contact Us” form, the booking form, subscribing to the newsletter, calling us);
  • information about you can be collected automatically (when you visit our site, from your social account, using our apps);
  • in some cases, we receive information about you from third parties and we may collect information about you from publicly available sources (for example, via the Linkedin social network, your company's website or otherwise).
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What information (personal data) about you do we process?

While we attempt to collect as little information about you as possible, we collect the following information about our activities:

  • information necessary for us to provide our services (provided in the contracts, and the registration form);
  • information that you submit in surveys;
  • information you provide when calling us;
  • information about your interests and specific needs;
  • information we need to determine your age and identity;
  • information about the device you are using.
  • Call information is recorded.
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Data processing objectives and legal basis

The above information is processed in order to:

  • provide transport, insurance, visas, travel and other related services.
  • At your request, to provide information related to the rendering of services.
  • For marketing purposes*, for example, to provide customised advertisements and sponsor content and to send out promotion campaign reports, to evaluate and analyze your market, customers, products and services (including collecting your opinion on products and services, organizing customer/partner surveys, contests or promotion campaigns, to the extent permitted by law).
  • Find out how people use our online services so we can improve them and create new content, products, and services.
  • Defend our interests in court or in another institution.
  • In other ways, with your consent*.

* We hereby inform you that you have the right to refuse to receive the content of our direct marketing from us at any time, by informing us of your decision by email info@ollex.lt or by using the refusal link in the newsletter.

Your personal data is processed on the basis of one or more grounds of lawful processing:

  • Compliance with legal requirements.
  • Implementation of the contract with you.
  • Our legitimate interests, unless your private interests have priority.
  • In certain cases, your consent.
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To whom do we transfer your personal data?

We may transfer your personal data to:

  • Companies that provide services at our request,
  • Banks/companies that carry out settlement transactions,
  • Companies that help organize competitions/games/promotions
  • Other responsible business partners,
  • Other parties, when required by law, or necessary to protect our legitimate interests.
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To which countries are your personal data transmitted?

Sometimes we need to transfer your personal data to other countries where a lower standards of data protection policy may apply. In such cases, we will do our best to ensure the security of your personal data being transmitted.

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What are we doing to protect your information?

We have implemented intelligent and relevant physical and technical measures to protect the information we collect for purposes of the content/service provision. But bear in mind that, although we take appropriate action to protect your information, no website, online transaction, computer system or wireless connection is completely safe.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We will protect your personal data as much as we need to achieve the stated goal. Once the goal is achieved, your personal data will be erased unless the law requires us to store information for tax purposes or data may be required for pre-trial investigation, but in any case, the storage period will not exceed 10 years. At the end of this deadline, personal data shall be deleted in such a way that they cannot be recovered.

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Usually personal data is stored for the following terms:

Your rights

The data subject whose data is processed in the activities of the data controller, depending on the situation, has the following rights:

  • To know (be informed) about his data processing (right to know).
  • Having access to your data and the manner in which they are processed (right to access);.
  • Request to correct or supplement the incomplete personal data (right to rectify), taking into account the purposes for the processing of personal data.
  • Destroy your data or suspend the processing of your data (except for storage) (right to destroy and right to “be forgotten”).
  • Have the right to require the data controller to restrict the processing of personal data for one of the legitimate reasons (right to limit).
  • Have the right to data transfer (right to transfer);
  • May disagree with the processing of your personal data at any time when such processing is carried out in the public interest or processing of data necessary for the legitimate interest of the controller or third party. In order for the controller to process the personal data, he is responsible for demonstrating that the processing is conducted for compelling legitimate reasons beyond the interests of the data subject. (right to disagree).
  • Submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

We give you the opportunity to implement these rights in a convenient way. You can do this by calling us on +370 5 2104304, by writing to us at info@ollex.lt or by using certain links at the bottom of the promotional material provided by us.

We may not give you the conditions for the implementation of the above-mentioned rights, where in the cases provided for by law it is necessary to ensure the prevention, investigation and detection of crimes, violations of professional or ethical conduct, as well as the protection of the rights and freedoms of the data subject or other persons.

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Cookies, signals and similar technologies

In this privacy policy, we use the term “cookies” to describe cookies and other similar technologies, such as pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs.

When you visit our website, we want to provide content and features tailored to your needs. For this, we have to use cookies. Cookies are small items of information stored in your web browser. They help the data manager to recognize you as the previous visitor to a certain website, save the history of your visit to the site and adapt the content accordingly. Cookies also help ensure the seamless functioning of websites, allows us to monitor the duration, frequency of visits to websites, and collect statistical information about the number of site visitors. By analyzing this data, we can improve our sites and make them more user-friendly for you.

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Contact us

If you notice a discrepancy between this privacy policy, a security loophole on our website or other issues related to the processing of your personal data, contact us in one of the following ways convenient to you:

By mail: UAB Olego Transportas, Geologų g. 16, Vilnius
Telephone: +37052104304
E-mail: info@ollex.lt

Final provisions

This privacy policy is reviewed at least once every two years. When we update our privacy policy, we will notify you about essential, in our opinion, changes by posting a notice on a specific website. If you login or use our content and/or services after posting such notice, we will assume that you agree to the new requirements specified in the update notice.

The document was approved by order No. V-23 of the manager of 2018-03-10

Last review of the privacy policy – 10 April 2018.