The new Mercedes Benz Tourismo 2019 buses

Naujieji Mercedes Benz Tourismo 2019 autobusai
   This is how the new ollex buses look like! The new Mercedes Benz Tourismo 2019 stands out with its economic “BlueEFFICIENCY” power engine,
   safety technologies, comfortable and exclusive design.
   According to the Mercedes Benz company, the amount of CO2 gas released to the atmosphere is much less than many other buses that
   are currently in the market. Moreover, integrated H7 headlamps into the new Tourismo bus will improve visibility resulting in greater safety.
   Innovative cabin design will ensure a comfortable and pleasant journey.
  Top-quality buses allows our business to provide better quality service and improve customers' experience.
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Mercedes Benz Tourismo 2019 bus rent
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Balttour 2020

Balttour 2020 rent

Greeting from Riga “Balttour 2020“ exhibition. We kindly invite you to visit us to chat and take a look at the new Volvo bus.

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London WTM

 It is an honor to announce that the Ollex team has the second year in the row participated at the International Travel Trade Show in London. It is one of the most significant tourism exhibition in the world. Our team shared experience gained throughout many years and gained new knowledge from other participants. This will help to improve our everyday performance and the quality of the service.

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Mercedes Benz S Class (LONG)

Mercedes_Benz S class

“Ollex” has added a luxurious Mercedes Benz S Class (LONG) limousine to its car park. The vehicle has it all: black leather salon, fully power-operated ventilated ergonomic seats (with massage function), three TVs, refrigerator, etc.
For more information: +370 (5) 210 5022 or

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The new Scania Irizar PB


“Ollex” has bought three black “Scania Irizar PB”.
Seating capacity of the vehicle: 55 seats. The seating is made from leather. The seats have armrests which can be positioned in different ways. To make the journey pleasurable, the vehicle has three TVs installed, a DVD player and spacious glove compartments. The amenities, including a WC, a refrigerator and a mini-kitchen, can also be found in the bus.
For more information:  +370 (5) 210 4304 or

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