Rental Requirements

If you decide for a self-drive car hire, you should be at least 21 years and have minimum 2 years driving experience, valid driver's license, passport or ID card and a credit car with sufficient funds available.

Traveling restrictions: You can use our hire cars throughout European Union without any restrictions. Please refer to our hire offices for information on other routes.

All our cars are full CASCO insured and, as a result, it considerably reduces the client's responsibility in case of any insurance event. The client's responsibility in case of theft or accident of a car or minibus up to 8 seats is limited up to 290 EUR (1000 LTL) and 434 EUR (1500 LTL) respectively. In case a Luxury car accident your responsibility is limited up to 869 EUR (3000 LTL) and in case of a theft you are expected to cover up to 20% of the price.

In case of non-insurance event the client shall bear full responsibility.

Life insurance: passengers and driver are covered by life insurance of 28 963 EUR (100 000 LTL) in case of death or disability.

Fuel: our cars are hired with a full tank of fuel and therefore should be returned with a full tank of fuel as well; otherwise the client shall pay a service fee.

Accessories: if requested, we can hire a car equipped with a baby seat. GPS.

Configuration: our cars are equipped with central lock, alarm system with remote control unit, audio system, power steering, airbags and air conditioner.

Driver's services: if so requested by the client, we can offer a car with a driver. Our drivers speak English, German, Russian or Polish. For further details please refer to our hire offices.

Delivery: we can deliver a hired car to any place within Lithuania. For more information please refer to our hire offices.

Payment: We accept VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards. Legal entities may also pay by money transfer to our bank account.

The hire price includes: full insurance package, VAT and alternative car. Minimum hire period is 24 hours. In case of delayed return of the hired car (delay of over 2 hrs), the client shall be charged for the following 24 hours.

Extra fees for contract registration or airport fees are not applicable.