Insurance services

Our top priority is the well-being of our customers, so we advise them to get a travel insurance which would ensure that they get the needed help during their trip. If you want to save time, “Ollex” can get an insurance for you. 

When you get your travel insurance, you can be sure that you will get coverage in the event of an accident. Travel with no concerns! 

What do you need to know about travel insurance? 

  • You can get travel insurance no matter to which country you are travelling;
  • If you are insured, you will feel safer while travelling;
  • Travel insurance covers emergency medical treatment including treatment in a clinic or a hospital abroad. If during the period of your trip you get ill or injured, you can go to any medical facility where you will get the help you need;
  • Travel insurance guarantees that you will not need to deal with the unexpected if you get injured during your trip.

For more information about insurance services:
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