Airport Express - Kaunas airport - FAQ

Where is the bus stop at the airport?
You can find the bus in front of the passenger terminal when you go outside, next to the sign Airport Express.
Are bus departures guaranteed?
Yes, there are.
Will the bus wait if the plane is late?
Buses will wait up to 40 minutes for delayed flights. If your flight is later than this, your ticket is valid for our next scheduled departure.
Are reservations required? Can I buy direct from the driver?
Reservations are recommended in order to guarantee a seat, but you can also purchase from the driver if seats are still available.
How much does the ticket cost?
A ticket from Vilnius to Kaunas Airport or from Kaunas Airport to Vilnius costs 10 €  (34.53 LTL). 
A ticket from Klaipeda to Kaunas Airport or from Kaunas Airport to Klaipeda costs 17 €  (58.70 LTL).
Any discounts for students?
Any discounts for elderly or people with reduced mobility?
Do I have to pay more if I want to take more than one piece of baggage with me?
No. No extra baggage charges. If passengers wish to carry more than two pieces, carriage is subject to space.
How much does a ticket for a child cost?
Children up to 4 years do not need a ticket if they do not occupy an extra seat.
Can I book a seat by phone? What is the phone number?
No, the only way to purchase a ticket is via the internet at or from the driver (subject to availability).
Where exactly does the bus pick up passengers in Klaipeda (it says that at the Akropolis shopping centre)?
Our minibus collects passengers in the Akropolis car park at the marked Ollex bus stop adjacent to Dubysos Street. The address of the shopping centre is Taikos Avenue 61.
Where exactly does the bus pick up passengers in Vilnius (it says that at the hotel Panorama)?
At the main entrance of the hotel. The address of the hotel is Sodu str.14.
Can other people take this bus if they are not airport passengers?
No. This bus is dedicated for Kaunas Airport passengers.

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